Thursday, March 27, 2008

Turn Your RV into a Guest Suite

It’s Your Rig! Don’t park it in your driveway and forget about it!

Why let your RV hibernate in your driveway?
It’s one of your most prized assets, both financially and emotionally.
An inexpensive device developed by the RV industry and brought to you by RVPowerOutlet gives you the chance to enjoy your RV at home.

We’ve all done it. Spend a glorious vacation cruising from state to state, site-seeing by day, relaxing by night. When the trip is done, we roll into the driveway, unload, unpack, secure the rig, and forget about it until the next trip.

Okay, maybe a few of us find ourselves occasionally running one of those hideous orange extension cords across the front lawn to retreat to the rig for a little ‘alone’ time or after a spat with the spouse . . . or to create additional sleeping space when the in-laws visit. But for the most part, we seem to let our prized possession, with all its wonderful amenities, sit dormant in our driveway until the next time we’re lucky enough to hit the road.

RVPowerOutlet, a new supplier to the RV industry, now offers a solution to this dilemma. For about $35 to $140, plus the cost of installation, you can add a full service electrical box to the side of your home and start enjoying everything your rig has to offer right in your own backyard. 30 and 50 amp electrical boxes just like those used at RV parks across the country are now available to consumers for home use.

The safety benefits alone make it worth the investment. We all know to use a surge protector with our computer, yet we still snake that 20 amp extension cord across the lawn and plug it into the 30 amp/20 amp adapter. Eliminate the fire hazards of a jury-rigged power supply, the potential of unwanted power surges in your rig, and the danger of friends and family tripping over that gangly extension cord.

The real value, though, is found in the convenience. With this simple installation, your rig becomes an extension of your home, and its amenities are now available to you year-round. (Of course, when you retreat to your rig, flip on the lights and settle in to enjoy a little TV, the neighbors may just stop by . . . be sure to keep the refrigerator stocked!) Friends with RV’s can also visit and bring their own guest room with them.

Other thoughts: . . . maybe it’s a good idea to install one at the in-laws home. That way, you’ve got an automatic retreat when quality family time becomes too much of a good thing; conversely, you can put the in-laws up in your rig when they come to visit; your RV is a nicer place to sleep than the doghouse, just in case you get sent there; finally, send one to the kids, tell them your coming.

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David said...

This is a great idea. I still do not have an RV... but if the kids keep up the pleading, we might just have one soon.

A friend of ours have an RV and they had something added to it that I have never seen or heard about before. It was a Night Sky Mural that they had painted on the entire ceiling from the bedroom, in the back, all the way up to the back of the driver's seat.

In the light, the painting cannot be seen and the RV ceiling looks normal. But, when he turned out the lights, a while back when he was showing us, we all sat there in unbelief. It look just like the ceiling had been removed and we were hundreds of miles away from the city lights looking at a beautiful night sky.

It was very, very nice and real looking. They told us that no matter where they are, they always fall asleep under a beautiful sky.

My wife liked it so much that she says we are going to have one in our bedroom.

Just thought that I'd let you know what a friend had done to his RV, and what we will too if we ever get one.

Their web site is

From what I have seen, there are others who can do this too, but I really liked what I saw with this company.